It is such a privilege to be called to a greater purpose. Many people don't know their purpose and it is for that reason, I feel a tremendous DUTY to show up to my purpose fully and ON PURPOSE 

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My life's purpose is to HELP PEOPLE SERVE OTHERS. It absolutely breaks my heart the number of people who step out in faith, to answer God's calling and feel unsupported, overwhelmed and exhausted.

It breaks my heart because that was me and it was heartbreaking.

I know, if you have a calling, God has BIG plans for you and he wants to give you everything you need to live life FOR PURPOSE!

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Listen...I was sooooo excited to start my nonprofit. I felt God was calling me to develop a program healing children in foster care through equine-assisted learning.

I felt well positioned to use my unique experience as a social worker and a natural horsemanship trainer to develop the life skills needed for children with complex trauma needs to make healthy transitions into adulthood, better positioning us to END our foster care crisis.

So I stepped out in faith and guess what...NOBODY CARED.  IT WAS HARD. And, as much as I knew about complex trauma and horses, I didn't know how to make people care. I also didn't know:

  • How important standard operating procedures, systems, and processes were or how to create them for that matter
  • How to recruit, onboard, and engage volunteers & board members

  • How to write grants

  • How to plan events
  • How to develop an end of year campagin
  • How to make sure donors and the few supporters I had felt valued
  • How to plan for sustainability

I was so busy doing ALL THE THINGS, and being overwhelmed by the things I didn't know how to do that I found myself being a martyr thinking this just must be what living a life of service is. I was killing myself to serve others.

I was eating out of the food bank and taking clothing dontations ... FOR MYSELF.

I even crashed my car once while opening the mail thinking that there might be a donation check in there and I could pay the rent. 

I went on like this for a while until...


This wasn't what God intended for me, and this wasn't the IMPACT I was trying to make. I started this thing with a vision of BIG IMPACT - NATIONAL IMPACT. 


I had to learn how to say NO to everything that wasn't directly related to my mission, which meant serving fewer kids (for a short period), losing some of my board, and even shutting down my initial location. 

But guess what?...NOW there are Stable Moments® locations across the US.

Serving WAY more kids than I ever could at one location.

God makes you uncomfortable so you can grow into his big vision for your life...and yes, you can serve more - make more impact, by doing even less.

You just need to be focused on the right things!

But this wasn't the end of my FOR PURPOSE journey. 

As more and more nonprofit directors became certified in my model I realized that although I had given them a PLUG and PLAY program model, nearly ALL of them needed help, just as I did, in running a thriving nonprofit without killing themselves. 

In my quest to HELP, I got my masters degree in program evaluation, and a professional certification in Results Based Accountability and started offering strategic planning and evaluation consulting. 

But I was so frustrated with the long, drawn-out, process to develop a strategic plan, just to have it put on a shelf and not lead to action. 

SO....I realized

Nonprofits need a simple framework to articulate:

  • WHAT they are trying to do, for WHO

  • HOW they will get there, and

  • Key Performance Indicators that measure, not only, HOW MUCH they do, but HOW WELL they do it and is ANYBODY BETTER OFF because of their organization.

And they need all the ongoing support to actually implement the plan they make from this simple framework. 



It never hurts to ask. Let's see if I can help.

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