5 Ways Nonprofits Can Make Money

Apr 12, 2023

Yes! Nonprofits can make money and it doesn't need to be through grants or donations. 

There are common myths that

  1. nonprofits can't make money or
  2. nonprofits shouldn’t charge for services

and these myths absolutely cripple nonprofits and are probably the reason why so many shut down before making the incredible impact they set out to make.

I believe the world needs your ideas, your innovation, and your passion!

But if your nonprofit idea to offer a public good, solve a problem or meet a need is going to get off the ground, be sustainable and actually serve the cause you intended to serve...

then you need to understand that nonprofits MUST make money to survive.

In this episode, I walk you through 5 ways you can build reliable income streams WITHOUT depending on grants or donations.

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