When to Pay Yourself from Your Nonprofit

nonprofit leadership Apr 28, 2022

Many people go into starting a nonprofit thinking they will do this for free…but that's not a good idea. You need to build a sustainable business model so your mission and organization will live on long after you can run it - and, trust me, nobody else will be willing to run your baby for free.

So, you need to build your organization to a point where it can sustain staff. Not just you, but a whole team.

In this episode you will learn about the 3 reasons why you must prioritize your salary which are:

1. To Avoid Burnout

2. Because You're an Employee (even if you think it's YOUR organization, it isn't)

3. To Position Yourself for Growth

As you grow, you will need to hire staff, and you can’t hire staff effectively if you aren’t getting paid. Build in your salary now, so when you’re ready to hire staff you have the budgeting practices in place to allocate funds to staffing.

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