3 Ways Nonprofits can use E-Courses

nonprofits organization tools Sep 08, 2022

There are so many online courses out there now and if you made it through the COVID era without developing an online course, then you may find yourself irrelevant pretty soon. 😕

Maybe not, but we all know attention spans are less and we have to find fun and creative ways to get our message through.

People are getting used to online learning and because of this, other ways we used to get our material across are becoming well….ineffective.

Ain't nobody want to read about your research….sorry but it's true. They want you to tell them the highlights in an engaging manner.

Creating e-courses for your nonprofit can breathe new life into the cause that you stand for while keeping community members engaged and bought into your brand. In this episode, I go over the three ways you can use e-courses to keep up with the times and set your nonprofits ON FIRE. 🔥

How buttoned up would you feel if everyone coming to your organization was led through an e-course on your mission, vision, values, history, and key activities?

When people are interested in your cause, you owe it to them and your organization to make sure they get the full breadth of the fire behind your cause!

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