How to Build a Nonprofit Fundraising Committee

fundraising Mar 29, 2023

You can’t talk about a nonprofit’s pain points without hearing about funding.

Funding is always at the top of the list when it comes to sustainability, mission-driven activities, and impact.

Now, I have given you a lot of great templates and advice to get grants and corporate sponsorships but we don’t want to neglect your community’s capacity for giving.

If you have any type of fundraising strategy, especially if you’re a local nonprofit then I believe you should have a fundraising committee.

It's too much to have your board of directors also be the primary fundraisers and I know you’re thinking...

…OMG another group of people I have to manage, but if you develop this committee well, it can be a huge revenue earner and take so much off your plate.

In this week's episode, I let you in on

  • exactly how to build this committee
  • how to expand your network
  • and how to build a movement for your cause 

WITHOUT asking for money!  

WATCH NOW: How to Build a Nonprofit Fundraising Committee

Don't let years go by without getting a network of supporters around you to fund your mission. Putting this in place now will ensure you're not burnt out later. Your mission deserves this! 

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