Developing Grant Budgets and Timelines

fundraising May 24, 2023

I was recently hired to write a million-dollar - 1-year grant,

but after taking the time to work through everything the project would take, it ended up being a 3 million dollar, 3-year grant.

This actually happens often when grant writing.

We think we know the cost and scope, or we just throw out a number that sounds yummy...

but when we really start thinking it through and writing out everything we need to do to accomplish what's promised in the grant, it's actually a much longer and more expensive project.

And, it’s super important that you get the timeline and budget right...

because you don't want to be underpaid,

AND you definitely don't want to say you can do something in a certain amount of time and have it end up taking way longer.

So in this episode, I walk you through how to develop your timeline and budget so you are confident you can deliver and you position yourself for more funding! 

WATCH NOW: Developing Nonprofit Grant Budgets and Timelines

I know you may feel like you don't have time to walk through every little thing a project would take before you even get the funding,

BUT... it will

  • ensure you get the money you need to actually execute the grant
  • ensure you are able to deliver in a reasonable timeline
  • help you justify the budget and timeline
  • AND, my favorite, it will save you from doing the work after you get the money, because you'll have a very detailed plan to follow.

You don't need to be a funding expert or grant writer to write a killer proposal.

You just need some help getting all the magic you create out on paper in a way that makes sense to funders.

I've got you!

Check out my course on how to write killer grants, and start winning big checks for that mission of yours.



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