Take Criticism like a Leader - the LEARN Method

Mar 08, 2023

As a nonprofit leader, how often do you get suggestions?

Ya, know they usually start out with, you should, or it would be nice if, or if we could just…super annoying right?

I used to get triggered by this feedback because it would make me feel defensive like they were calling out something I should have already done.

Or it would make me feel overwhelmed, like yea that is a great idea how about you load it onto the towering wheelbarrow of other good ideas Im struggling to manage

But as I have grown in my leadership capacity I have found a way to become excited by these suggestions, or even criticisms and it allows me to address people’s concerns while not taking on much of any work. 

I use a little method called the LEARN Method and want to share it with you today.  

WATCH NOW: Take Criticism like a Leader - Learn Method

Grab the LEARN method handout here, put it on your wall, and try to come at these suggestions, criticisms, and feedback like a boss! 

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