License a Program Model

nonprofits programs Aug 25, 2022


Many nonprofits are sitting on incredible replicable program models that they could leverage to serve more people and bring in additional revenue.

Nonprofits often start with an idea to serve a population in a unique way and through trial and error, they have refined the model to be smooth and effective. It happens naturally, the mistakes we make force us to come up with program elements and processes to ensure success. Imagine how many people could be served if we all shared our program models and saved each other the headache of program development.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of sharing that goes on because even though we are all looking to serve people, there are still ownership issues, intellectual property issues, and even ego when it comes to the nonprofit world.

Program developers and nonprofits should be sharing their innovative ideas, but you don’t have to give it all away. You can license your program model which allows you to keep ownership while serving potentially the whole world with your model and you can bring in a nice revenue from it.

Maybe it's because I’m a global thinker but I LOVE licensing. In this video, I share how I licensed my program model to locations nationwide and I hope to convince you that you should also be sharing your secrets and serving more people.

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There are too many amazing programs out there that are only serving those in their community. I challenge nonprofits to develop their programs into replicable models, and license them to other organizations so there is no limit to those we can serve!

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