Team Skills & Interest Assessment for Your Nonprofit

evaluation tools nonprofit leadership organization tools Jul 14, 2022

As organizations grow, and start hiring team members they usually assign a whole bunch of nonrelated tasks to different people. The same person who answers customer emails may manage social media. Or the person who handles accounting writes blog posts and manages events.

It happens because you don’t have enough budget to hire dedicated staff and, once you find great people, you want to involve them in everything, but as your org grows, you will need to make more hires.

Ideally, your staff would have expertise in their dedicated role. There comes a time when you need to pause, understand what everyone is doing, and more importantly, what they should be doing so you can be intentional about your hiring and make sure everyone is in the right seat on the bus.

To help you with this I have created a skills and interest assessment and in this episode, I walk you through exactly how to inventory the talent on your team, understand your ideal staffing solutions and ensure your team feels fulfilled in their role.

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