Are you a Good Financial Steward?

fundraising Apr 19, 2023

So I paid off my house yesterday...woohoo 💪

That's nice Rebecca...why should that matter to me?

Almost 10 years ago, I stepped out in faith to start my nonprofit Stable Moments.

I thought stepping out in faith meant you should rely on God to provide and I did.

I prayed about donations and believed he would cover the rent.

But it was tight. 😬

I even crashed my car once opening the mail hoping there was a check that would allow us to keep the lights on.

What I've learned, is that faith isn't just about praying what you need will appear.

Faith is about showing up, buying in, and investing as much in your desired result as you expect God to. Not being attached to the outcome but showing up to the dance. 💃

The truth is I was praying for donations, but I couldn't personally say I was a good financial steward.

So this set me on a path to understanding financial stewardship. Money is a tool that we can use to spread light, fuel solutions, and end suffering...but you gotta understand the responsibility that comes with that tool.

So 10 years later I feel confident that I am a good steward. I am debt free. I have bought my way into breathing room, opportunity, and the possibility to serve more.

In this episode, I ask you some tough questions in the hopes it will help you understand exactly what your definition of financial stewardship is and if you’re living up to it.

Trust me if money, budgeting, or the financial side of your nonprofit overwhelms you…this is something you want to face head-on. 

WATCH NOW: Are You a Good Financial Steward?

When we follow our calling to serve a population or solve a problem through a nonprofit, we expect the support to follow.

We take a huge step in faith, trusting that God will reward our bold move.

But that faith can waiver as we don’t see the donations roll in as we expected.

We might even start to doubt that we were meant to do this or it was our calling at all.

I invite you to hit pause and really think about how you show up as a good financial steward and how that is impacting your ability to attract the financial support you need!

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